Five Key Points Under Proposed Massachusetts Law HD 4420

The purpose of this posting is not to take a position concerning the proposed law but to alert you as to some of the key points should you wish to contact your state representative and voice your opinion in protection of your Second Amendment rights. (This is a condensed version of a recent YouTube posting

I do not represent any specific group or organization with this posting. However, You have rights under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution and i suggest that this proposed law seeks to impair and destroy those rights

The following 5 points are for your consideration and as a sample of what certain state representatives are looking to do to restrict your constitutional rights as protected by the Bill of Rights

Limit Your Ability to Enter Private Property
1. The proposed law will limit your ability to enter private property with your firearm unless you have prior express approval from the owner Should you fail to get prior express approval you could be arrested and go to jail for over 2 years and pay a $1000.00 fine

Requires Serial Numbers on Magazines
2. The proposed law will require you to have the serial number on each of your magazines, and electronically register that serial number with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I suggest that putting a serial number on a magazine will protect no one.  The proposed law seeks to have you identify the name and the address of the individual/company selling you that magazine or feeding device

Ask yourself will the criminal element put serial numbers on their magazines and register them with the Commonwealth

Report Modifications and New Parts
3. The proposed Law will require you to report any modifications or new parts to your existing firearm.

Ask yourself, is this provision about making people safe or about certain politicians looking to exercise power and control in the tracking of your purchases.

Firearm must Be Transported in a Locked Container
4. The proposed Law seems to require that any large capacity firearm must be transported unloaded in a locked container.

Can or will this provision be interpreted to find a person in violation of the current direct control law which allows individuals to carry off body in a purse or brief bag

Defining Assault Style Firearm with No Grandfather
5. The proposed Law will define what an assault style firearm and does not grandfather any assault style firearms possessed after September 13, 1994

I suggest that this could lead to confiscation but I suggest that you read the proposed law and you make that decision

Exercise Your First Amendment Rights

If you have a position concerning this proposed law I urge you to contact your state representative their contact and exercise your first amendment rights giving them your opinion and position concerning the proposed law

Their contact information is on the Massachusetts State House website

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