Recorded Statements in Connection with a Homeowners Insurance Claim

During the course of this segment, I would like to focus on the issue of recorded statements in connection with the filing of a claim under your homeowner insurance policy where the claim concerns firearms and related equipment This segment … Continued

Charged with Murder (True Self-Defense Story)

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Have you heard about the USCCA yet? This organization exists to prepare people like YOU. They strive to teach citizens what to do in emergency and life-threatening situations … and change the way our country feels about both self-defense and responsible … Continued

This Segment Will Deal with a Situational Awareness.

This Segment Will Deal with a Situational Awareness. In this segment, the first issue is to clarify is what exactly is meant by the often-heard and catchy phrase “Situational Awareness?” The ever-popular Wikipedia addresses and defines situational awareness, or a … Continued