Points to Ponder for the New LTC Holder and a Refresher for Others Carrying a Concealed Firearm (introductory segment to segments two and three)

This is an introductory segment to the two segments which will follow. These three segments were triggered by a recent training course

These segments were designed for the newly licensed concealed carry holder but I suggest that it is also a refresher for those that may have carried a concealed weapon for a number of years.

I suggest whether you are new or have been carrying a concealed firearm for a number of years you should periodically review why you are carrying a concealed weapon.

I also suggest that you ask yourself the following questions, recognizing the fact that as an ordinary citizen you do not have the extensive training and legal protections of law enforcement. Thousands of law enforcement officers retire having never drawn nor fired their service weapon.

Questions for your review and consideration

Question One. Are you carrying the concealed weapon/firearm in order to protect yourself from the threat of grave bodily harm or death?

Question Two. At what point am I prepared to draw my firearm? Do I know the legal standard in Massachusetts?

Question Three. Should I choose to draw my firearm am I prepared to fire that firearm which may result in the serious bodily injury or death of another in protection of myself or a family member?

Question Four. Am I carrying a firearm in order to provide me with a sense of security?
(I suggest that if you are carrying a firearm for a sense of security and are not prepared to use that firearm or if you are not properly trained for the use of that particular firearm you may be placing yourself in greater danger than by not carrying that firearm)

Question Five. Am I prepared to use my concealed carry firearm in order to remove me from a situation? (I suggest that carrying a concealed firearm is no excuse for you to put yourself in a situation that you would not normally put yourself into without a firearm)

Question Six. Do I fully understand the financial risks that I may be exposed to should I choose to use the firearm against another? (I suggest that you if you carrying outside your home there are a number of reliable insurance companies that provide concealed carry insurance. Your homeowner’s insurance will offer you little or no protection once you are outside your home.

Question Seven. Do I fully understand the criminal penalties that I may be exposing myself should I make a wrong decision?

Question Eight. Am I prepared for the time and expense of monthly training to maintain a certain level of proficiency. In addition to other periodic formal education? (Training and education is perishable and you need to stay fresh and up-to-date)


I suggest that you review the above questions before proceeding on to Segment Two and Segment Three.

Your best protection of your second amendment rights is to be an educated, informed and properly trained concealed carrier.

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