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Both the Mass2ABlog.com and the Mass2ABlog.law blogs have been established by Gordon Feener, as a series of nonpolitical segments focusing on various issues concerning Massachusetts gunowners and their rights under Massachusetts law which is continuously evolving. The segments are offered for informational, educational and discussion purposes only and do not constitute legal advice.

As such, the Mass2ABlog.com and Mass2ABlog.law logs do not provide any legal advice or representation. The purpose of the Mass2ABlog.com and Mass2ABlog.law blogs are to provide users with useful information concerning the current state of the Massachusetts law and how it relates to gun ownership in Massachusetts while sidestepping political commentary. Being an educated and knowledgeable gun owner is among the first of many factors of being a safe and responsible Massachusetts gun owner.

The editor Gordon Feener,  is a (Vietnam Era) US Army Veteran who served in connection with the Nike Hercules missile program. He is also an attorney who has practiced in the Greater Boston area and throughout Massachusetts for approximately 30 years. Attorney Feener initially provided legal services in the area of criminal defense during which time he successfully argued Commonwealth vs Smith before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court which was a case involving the right of the defendant to have fair jury.

Later in his practice, Attorney Feener provided legal representation of a homeowner wherein he successfully argued the Massachusetts appeals court Solimini vs the Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association in connection with homeowner rights under a homeowner insurance policy

Gordon Feener was also the founding partner of Feener and Wehrli, LLC, a law firm which primarily focused on the issue of civil litigation in connection with homeowner insurance and property insurance policies, along with selected business litigation.

Should you have a subject that you wish to discuss or have addressed in the Mass2ABlog.com and Mass2ABlog.law blogs please do not hesitate to email him at editormass2A@gmail.com.